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The School

The School

Honor, Faith, and Excellence are the school's mottos. The three statements are accessible to a wide range of interpretation, and the use of two ancient languages of study exemplifies the confluence of cultural brilliance found at Zenith Public School.

Zenith is located in a beautiful Indian location while providing an international education. The building is extremely contemporary and big, providing students all the comforts of home in the open countryside of Jogbani.

Aside on the school motto of Honor Faith and Excellence, it has a special culture in which promising youngsters are gradually gaining positive attributes habits and knowledge. It also retains the spirit of tartan charm and legacy while remaining accessible to modern philosophy and scientific approach. The goal of the school is to establish a free and healthy environment in which to instill the spirit of nationality, fraternity, discipline, gentle manners, and refined tastes. Equal focus is placed on growing a healthy and strong body via physical training activities and sports.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities such as inter-school, fancy dress competitions, inter-school painting competitions, inter-school theatre competitions, inter-class competitions such as elocution contests, writing competitions, science and general knowledge quizzes. To strive for excellence in all we do, based on agreed values, to offer a broad balanced, coherent, and relevant curriculum with near standard to teaching and learning to enable all learners to achieve their full potential regardless of academic ability gender race and culture to help develop adaptable creative and motivated individuals. Encourage everyone to make their own educated judgements and conclusions and to act appropriately on them. Develop self-discipline, tolerance, and respect for oneself and others. To foster positive, supportive, and stimulating relationships with all members of the school community and the wider welds; to provide a caring environment in which everyone feels that his or her efforts and contributions are valued; and to provide a caring environment in which everyone feels that his or her efforts and contributions are valued. Come and join us in this very successful partnership that our school and our staff.

Our Aim

  • To provide an eye touching school building in a lush green lavish environment away from the hectic crowd.
  • To establish centrally hostels for boys and girls, with all modern facilities.
  • To provide separate playgroup; gym, swimming pool, horse riding, roller skating, aerobics, basketball & tennis court with ultra modern facilities.
  • To facilitate with digital library, reading cum meditation room science laboratory language lab computer laboratory music yoga and martial arts.
  • To provide a hospital for a health checkup.
  • Highly experienced dedicated trained and leaching staffs with the global outlook.